Specialist Events

Sometimes your event is going to be a little different to normal. It may be a little more involved or require specialist cultural or religious knowledge.

For this reason My Events Made Easy has teamed up with specialist event organisers to be able to offer you everything that you could require on these special or difficult occasions.

Our Specialist Events section offers all of the professional services and features found within Business and Private Events, but with the addition of a Specialist Event Organisers section.

Below are some of the specialist event areas My Events Made Easy are currently able to offer:

Indian Events

My Events Made Easy work closely with a specialist Indian events management company, Avasara Events Ltd. This enables us to offer special Indian events such as marriages and other cultural activities. My Events Made Easy and Avasara will guide you through every aspect of your event to create an enjoyable and memorable occasion.

Jewish Events

My Events Made Easy has the on-call expertise to successfully deliver Jewish and other specialist functions with a clear understanding of what is need to plan and organise your memorable event.

Life Celebration

The My Events Made Easy Team realise that at these sad times arranging a life celebration isn't what most wouldn't feel like doing. We will help you arrange your celebration to make it the tribute you would like to hold for your loved one.